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Extending Learning Using Edu20.org

It is my desire for all teachers to have a 21st century classroom. This means having a project based learning environment where teachers and students use technology to think about learning in new ways. I often meet a lot of resistance when I make this claim. I receive many how questions... How do you fit it all in? How are you able to teach the curriculum, cover the standards, get test results, and do project based learning? How do I begin? This wiki is about answering some of those questions. Let's tackle one at a time. First, where do I find the time and how do I get started? The answer is to continue to do what your are doing, simply do it in new more efficient ways. The next couple of wiki pages will discuss the use of EDU20, a free on-line learning management system, which will multiply you and extend the classroom environment. Then we will discuss Mp3 guided reading.

Edu20 My Learning Management System

A learning management system is an on-line protected classroom that allows you to post lessons, tutorials, and links so that you can multiply yourself and extend learning. First click the link above and sign up for a free on-line school. The details on how to set up the school and add your class are covered on the site. If you are truly interested in more detailed information you can contact me.


Here is the homepage for secured Login. You are also able to share news and post links on the homepage.


After you Login you come to the homepage. Here you can add classes, resources and assignments. Let's take a look at lessons.


Now you can create on tutorials using free screen capture technology like Screen-O-Matic and upload them to You or Teacher Tube. Or you can get tons of lessons already created for you on line.

We need to stop and think for a minute. This all sounds great, but it sounds like a lot of work. O.K. fair enough, but what is a lot of work. Maybe two hours to set up your on-line school. And another two hours to record a lesson and upload it to YouTube, but think of the benefits. You now have a place where your students can go 24 hours a day from any computer in the world and access lessons you have created. They can do the lessons at their own pace. They can stop and rewind. You have the lessons forever to use with next years class. And now instead of one of you there are as many of you as there are computers. Remember they can do this at home. Simply putting a few lessons up a week can save you hours of in class time opening up time for projects... Here is a link to a sample lesson from YouTube on Long Division.