gotomeeting2.gif Teaching and Tutoring On-Line

Redefining: When, Where, and How

GoToMeeting, Yugma, Skype, Adobe Connect, and Elluminate are all internet based screen sharing programs that are enabled with VIOP for teaching and tutoring from anytime and anywhere. Allow me to elaborate. One major issue we have in today's classroom is there is only one of us and 28-36 of them. Even the best teachers struggle to meet the needs of all their students during the school day. Yugma and Skype are free applications that allow you to share your screen with others. Both also are enabled with VOIP, or voice over internet protocol, in simple can hear the other person through your computer using the computers mic and speakers. This powerful tool allows you to teach or tutor while being in two completely different spaces. You are able to give one on one or group teaching sessions from the comfort of your living room. The example below is a real life example of how I use a similar program GoToMeeting to do just that.


I teach fourth grade. One of the big concepts we teach in fourth grade is long division. This concept is often difficult for students to master so I implement lots of support to help the students "get it". First I teach it in class. I create step by step posters that I display in the classroom for students to see and refer to daily. I have created a number of tutorials that I have posted on YouTube and on my on-line classroom. I also use white boards to check understanding in the classroom. Finally, I use GoToMeeting. The picture above is me sitting at Starbucks teaching long division to one of my students. Watch the video below to see it in action.