Microsoft AutoCollage

As we start a new year we are taking the "Me Bag" to a whole new level. Microsoft AutoCollage is program that takes a group of photo's and builds a custom collage. This activity served three purposes: introduce students to each other, practice writing, and learn the basic computer skills of saving a file to a flashdrive/DropBox. Below is the AutoCollage I created. You can find AutoCollage MicrosoftAutoCollageAcademicSetup.msi


My name is Nathan Manderfeld and this collage is all about me. I am many things. I am a teacher, a brother, a fan, a cook, and a dad.

In the upper right hand corner you will find a picture of my brother and my sister. My brother’s name is Ted and he is four years younger than I am. He is professional musician and lives in Minnesota with his wife and little daughter Grace. My sister is eight years younger than I am and she is a nurse. She also lives in Minnesota with her husband and their daughter Emma.

I am a father. You can see a couple of my favorite picture of my daughter Jaelyn and I. She is eight years old. You can see pictures of us hanging out enjoying a giant sucker in Huntington Beach and standing in front of a giant roller coaster at Six Flags.

Finally, I am a teacher. I love to learn new things. I have a number of pictures representing me as a teacher. The one in the lower left hand corner was taken at the Esmeralda Resort this summer where I had my Learning on the Edge Summer Institute. I also have a picture with some of my students from last year all wearing our iAM t-shirts. Finally, there are two pictures of me from my trip this summer to Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, Washington.

I almost forgot to mention the picture of my favorite football team the Minnesota Vikings; Go Purple!

I hope you enjoyed my collage because it is all about ME!